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Reckon Solution works thoroughly with each project in different application areas, and our Engineering Team keeps growing technically and professionally so we can offer our clients the best solutions in the market, with high quality level and innovation. Our team is always focused on providing the best technologies and technical knowledge achieving our client’s trust and satisfaction. Reckon solution can offer professional services onsite or remote, test system solutions, replications services, engineering design, test system training, and software or system validation for global industries.

Test System Engineering

Our Test Engineering Team has the right expertise and skills to design complete Test Systems, applying innovative methodologies, engineering process, architecture and tools to guarantee success for your projects.

System & Software Validation

Reckon Solution implements good programming practices. It is the purpose of this requirement to obtain software that is well structured, understandable, readable, printable and inheritable (re-usable). Our validation methodology focuses resources towards the most critical system functions, and completes the validation projects in less time (and money). Also, we follow existing industrial validation procedures like: Unit testing, GR&R, MSA and CPK.

Engineering Processes

Our engineering design process guides our team on solving problems allowing them to repeat the steps as many times as needed, making improvements along the way. To reach the goal, we implement different models that have a very high impact on the project development that is carried out.

Our models or methodologies like: Water Fall, Model V, Agile Model and Spiral Model are focus finally to get our customer satisfaction.

Our Engineering Certifications

The services supplied by Reckon Solution are performed by engineers certified by:

  • National Instruments (LabVIEW, TestStand and CVI)
  • SolidWorks

With a top level team of manufacturing and engineering experienced in test systems integration, in order to assure the success of the project, on time completion and delivery.

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