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Reckon Solution is a Mexican world class company focused on developing, implementing, supporting online systems, upgrade system specifications and test systems management handling for low and high volume of electronic manufacture, as well as line automation, improve line process for medical, automotive, power electronic system, telecommunications aerospace and consumer electronic areas

  • Turnkey Project development for Radars to monitoring planes
  • Harness tester for resistance stressing test
  • Software Architecture for testing Walkie-talkies for (FireFighters, Police) 

  • Test Fixtures Design for Proximity Sensors
  • Test station for advanced Car radios with GPS ,Touch screen and Communication Services
  • Automated Test Station for Electrical cars Doors Handle with parallel Testing for 8 UUT
  • Architecture for Car seats Validation in bench testers
  • Chamber Station for Sound and Vibration Measurement in Car Windows Elevators
  • CVI architecture and Software development for Automatic Key Fob Tester
  • Test station for Power Sliding Door System

  • Development and Support of new incoming products, like touchpads, Chargers Cables, Remote Controls, Cellphones
  • Test Station that Test HD Receptor for Cable TV Companies
  • Development of Test Station for Fiber Optics Modems
  • Development of Test Software of different kind of Lighting Products

  • Test systems for Multiple models of Pace makers
  • Test system with Human simulator for Patient Vital signs monitors
  • Software Architecture in Test bench for radiology injections in bloodstream
  • Test system design for telemetry transmitters for patient ECG or SpO2 waveforms
  • Test system for Comprehensive Gas Analysis



  • Software Development of Cellphone products emulating a Radio Base for technologies GSM, WCDMA, WIFI
  • Math Application for new Telecommunication Technologies (Internet of things)






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